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Single & Multi Property Advertising Rates

Single Property Advertisement Rates
* Normal advertisement duration is 1 year. Order now and get FOUR additional years free.

Normal DurationFree PeriodTotal DurationSpecial Offer Price

Single Property To Rent

1 Year4 Years5 Years€15.00

Single Property For Sale

1 Year4 Years5 Years€15.00

Multi Property Advertisement Rates (Rental or Sales category)
* Normal advertisement duration is 1 year. Order now and get two additional years free.


Total DurationNormal PriceSpecial

Option 1

1010203 Years€100.00€20.00

Option 2

2020403 Years€200.00€40.00

Option 3

3030603 Years€300.00€60.00

Option 4

4040803 Years€400.00€80.00

Option 5

50501003 Years€500.00€100.00

Option 6

60601203 Years€600.00€120.00

Option 7

70701403 Years€700.00€140.00

Option 8

80801603 Years€800.00€160.00

Option 9

90901803 Years€900.00€180.00

Option 10

1001002003 Years€1,000.00€200.00

Included in your single & multi property advert
• Large web page with 4 large photos.
• Google Maps for your advert to pinpoint your property's location.
• Your personal photo in your advert (optional).
• Social bookmarking facility. Enables your advert to be bookmarked on almost 300 social media sites.
• No commission on bookings or property sales.
• Availability calendar, which is also linked to our refined search system (rental properties).
• Enquires emailed to you and also stored in your admin centre.
• Statistics including advert views and enquires received.
• Rental rates displayed in up to 15 different currencies.
• On-page SEO: Crucial 5 on-page SEO elements automatically optimised.
• Off-page SEO: Reciprocal link (optional).
• 24-7 access to your account, 365 days a year.

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